25.04.2023 16:19

2nd Session of Season 2022-2023 Referee Seminar and On-Ice Referee Course

In addition to the 2nd Session of the Season 2022–2023 Referee Seminar, the On-Ice Referee Course will be held in Istanbul on April 29–30, 2023.

Those who want to become a new referee must have the conditions of being a referee in the third section of the IHFT Referees, Referee Trainers, Central Referee Board, Referee Committees and Referee Observer Instructions on the official website of our federation.

Participating the written exam, video exam and on-ice tests are an obligation to take a part in the Season 2022-2023 for the active referees in the provinces where the seminars are held. Referee visa fees and course fees must be deposited into the following bank account of IHFT until 17:00 on Friday, April 28, 2023. The trainee’s “NAME – SURNAME CITY OF RESIDENCE” should be written on the receipt statement and forwarded to If not, the referees’ application for the seminar or course won’t be accepted.

The referee seminar and the nominee referee course may differ based on the facilities’ availability. Ice tests will be done after the written and video exam. Referees and trainees are required to bring their individual skates and helmets for the ice test.

Turkish Economy Bank Tunalı Hilmi Branch

TR86 0003 2000 0000 0088 0111 29

Active Referee: 175₺

Nominee Referee: 500₺ (Referee who will attend the referee seminar for the first time or whose visa has been cancelled)

NOTE: IHFT Central Referee Committee reserves the right to change the date of the relevant seminar in case of insufficient participation.