Every ice hockey player has the right to play sports in a respectful, safe, and harassment-free environment. Our top belief as a Federation is to help develop and encourage ice hockey in our country.

Abuse and Harassment is defined by the IIHF and IHFT as follows;

Psychological Abuse

Any undesirable action, such as intimidation, humiliation, or any other activity that could undermine one's feeling of worth and dignity, is referred to as verbal aggression.

Sexual Harassment

It refers to any undesirable and unwelcome behavior whether it be physical, verbal, or nonverbal. Sexual harassment can also defined as sexual abuse.

Sexual Abuse

It refers to any sexual behavior, whether non-touch or touch, in which consent is manipulated or is not or cannot be given.


It refers to a coach or someone who has a duty of care to a player doesn't provide the minimal care that harms the player, allows harm to the player, or creates a danger.

Physical Abuse

Striking, kicking, beating, etc. that results in a trauma or bodily injury. It means all kinds of intentional and undesirable actions such as. It also includes forced alcohol consumption or doping activities, as well as forced and inappropriate physical activity (training performed while injured, training not appropriate for one's age or physique).

Racism and Discrimination

It refers to any behavior or attitude that subordinates or discriminates against a person or group on the basis of their race, gender, ethnicity, national or social origin, religion, philosophical or political beliefs, marital status, sexual orientation, or any other factor.

 Our principle;

In order to protect all ice hockey players, the IHFT and IIHF have established a zero-tolerance policy that prohibits any kind of racism, discrimination, bullying, harassment, or abuse.

The most important thing is the victims’ and other vulnerable groups’ welfare. Everyone in the ice hockey community has an obligation to identify and address any signs of abuse and harassment. At all times, all reports of abuse and harassment will be handled in the strictest confidence.

The IIHF’s policies on harassment and abuse are available here: IIHF Abuse & Harassment Code

What Can Be Reported?

You may report any Harassment and Abuse Rule Violation or suspicious behavior. If you have detected, witnessed, or know that someone is being harassed or abused, or have reasonable grounds to suspect, we encourage you to let us know.