Ethical values; It necessitates behaving in all competitive, economic, social, and moral relationships in a way that upholds the values of dignity, honesty, loyalty, and responsibility.

Furthermore, ethical behavior is violated by any action taken in a circumstance where a conflict of interest occurs or is not disclosed to the federation.

It gets harder to keep up a sport founded on moral principles when society’s interest in sports shifts, which increases the efforts of third parties (politicians, sponsors, etc.) to control and guide sports. Expectations regarding sport’s societal significance go much beyond its main field of activity, and politics everywhere have the ability to exploit sports for their own ends.

You can find the rules of Ethical Values of IIHF here: IIHF Ethics Code

What Can Be Reported?

You may report any Ethical Value Rule Violation or suspicious situation, or if you have reasonable grounds to suspect it, you can let us know.