IHFT is in charge of protecting ice hockey, its players, coaches, officials, and fans against any kind of cheating or abuse. Additionally, developing ethics in sports is its top priority.

As TBHF, we design and carry out a variety of integrity policies and initiatives to develop and advance integrity in the sport of ice hockey. Integrity policies and initiatives are available on the IHFT Integrity Page.

The four clauses of IHFT:


The purpose of IHFT is to maintain a clean sports environment for athletes so that they can play ice hockey.

Competition Manipulation:

The purpose of the IHFT is to protect the exciting and unpredictable nature of ice hockey games by preventing players, coaches, or even staff from cheating.

Abuse and Harassment:

The priority of IHFT is to protect children and adults in ice hockey from harm by providing a safe space to practice their sport.

Ethical Values:

The purpose of IHFT is to encourage ethical behavior by preventing unethical behavior in ice hockey.

The relevant rules for each of the Integrity clauses are found in the IHFT Integrity Information Booklet.

All stakeholders in ice hockey play a crucial role in keeping ice hockey safe. You can support the protection of ice hockey by reporting any incident that violates the Integrity clauses to IHFT.

You can get information about how to report Integrity rule violations on the Reporting page.

IHFT Integrity Training

An integrity seminar is held for each national team camp or club athletes if it is deemed necessary each season.

You can also download the IIHF’s presentations on Integrity clauses here: Anti-Doping, Competition Manipulation, and Abuse and Harassment

IHFT encourages all sports circles in ice hockey and other disciplines to provide as much Integrity training as possible and is therefore ready to support everyone with information/assistance on Integrity training.

If anyone would like further information/assistance regarding Integrity training, please contact IHFT at