04.10.2023 13:07

Season 2023 – 2024 Trainer Make-up Visa Seminar Notice

Season 2023 – 2024 Ice Hockey Trainer Make-up Visa Seminars will be held via Zoom on October 9, 2023.

Trainers who will participate in Federation’s activities this season must have visa. Trainers can apply for the make-up visa seminar through the e-Devlet system until 16:30 on October 6, 2023, if they missed the first visa seminars that were open on September 8 and September 24, 2023, didn’t pay the visa fee, or have both conditions.

All the trainers must pay the visa fees up until October 6, 2023 at 16:30 that are announced at the beginning of the season, otherwise, they won’t be able to take a part during the season even if they attend seminars and their visa procedures won’t be approved.

Seminar applications will only be accepted on e-Devlet, other applications won’t be accepted. (Only foreign trainers can attend seminars with the official cover letter written by their club.)

Application Registration Date for Make-up Visa Seminar: October 4 – 9, 2023 (The application system will be shut down on October 6, 2023 at 16.30)

Steps to be followed for E-Devlet Registration:

Step 1: Enter the 

Step 2: Enter the ‘Spor Bilgi Sistemi’ (Sports Info System) App

Step 3: Enter the ‘Sport Elemanı’(Sport Member) App

Step 4: Enter the ‘Seminer Başvuru’ (Seminar Recourse) App

Step 5: Select the relevant seminar and complete your recourse.

Seminar Name (Each Trainer Will Select Their Own Level Seminar):

Season 2023 – 2024 Ice Hockey 1st Level Assistant Trainer Make-up Visa Seminar

Season 2023 – 2024 Ice Hockey 2nd Level Trainer Make-up Visa Seminar

Season 2023 – 2024 Ice Hockey 3rd Level Senior Trainer Make-up Visa Seminar

Season 2023 – 2024 Ice Hockey 4th Level Head Trainer Make-up Visa Seminar

When you have finished your seminar registration, the Zoom link will be delivered to the email address that you specified during registration.